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The artist and the banker...


I dedicate every second to make my instruments.

I do not look at time when I work as I feel them to be more than just instruments, they are pieces of art. Hundred of year old trees ready to make their voices heard !

When starting to think about “time equals money” then I think you are not and artist, then your a banker. There are a lot of bankers in this business I am sad to say. A lot of wish see this craft as nothing more than a business. What if the artists of the past would do the same, Van Gogh would “only” paint his pantings if he had a customer with a large vallet. Mozart - “only” write music for kings and queens. The true artists would be gone forever... but again, I am just a dreamer.


From dream to reality...


I am a long time dreamer, never though I would end up building guitars. I did for a long time work in the music industry, singer songwriter, producer, studio technician with all what that involves. Have workt with amazing people like Bob Johnston whom is the producer for more than 15 of Bob Dylands top albums, Karl Defler, producer, and studio technician for No doubt, Dave Mathews Band etc. So you might say I know my way around recording studios and truly know how a good guitar should sound !. I have played the guitar since I was 12 years old and I still play it and love to play it to. I do remember when I first saw and played a true High-End guitar, It was in California, I totally fell in love with the sound of it, it was a Bourgeois by Dana Bourgeois. I could not afford it ! bummer. So later I thoughto my self, why not try and build one by myself. Said and done, I ordered the parts needed and began building. I had read up on the subject quite a lot before the chisel was in my hand. The first guitar was an OK guitar, I still have it, nothing to show to the world, but an OK guitar. But what that guitar did was to light up something inside me. The thing was that for the first time in my life I felt like “this is it” I simply loved it ! Still do. its the best thing there is. The smell of sanded wood, the chisel cutting the braces like butter on bread. Before the 4 years of studying to become a luthier, I was a carpenter so I did have the chops for working with wood.


When my second guitar was finished no one I showed it to could believe I had made that instrument. So there I was with a talent, didn´t think I had much of that... But now I had to think twice. I showed my second guitar to a well respected guitar player here in Stockholm, 5 minutes later I had my first customer. A few days later I went to an old friend, he was my old guitar teacher, same thing there, "I want one" he said.


I now make 4 models. A Custom-SlopeD an Orchestra model called Infinity-8, a Custom-Dreadnought and a 00 model called Elegance-Slim. Elegance-slim is available as both a 12 and 14 fret model. Also building Baritone guitars, and electric Basses. All are of my own design but I have had some inspiration from some before me incredible talented craftsmen in the field of lutherie, whom have inspired me to continue on trying to build the ultimate guitar. :-)


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