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Basses are something I run into by chance. I good friend whom is a well reputed bassplayer askt me if I could make him a bass, so I made him one wish came out beautifully. Mike Pope preamps, Delano mics, Curly Myrtlewood/Ziricote/Mahogany etc. Its not just beautiful to look at it sounds awesome to.

I have since come up with 2 more models that are in the making. one is a more rounded model and the other is a full size Contrabass inovation coupled with mics for both natural sounding mics as well as mic sfor more modern type of bass sound.


Photos will be available soon..




Raven came to be by a request from my old friend and highly reputed bassplayer Floda Lomaeus. He wanted something similar in style of his warvick "Nobby Meidel signature" bass. So after some talking back and forth i came upp with the Raven. and even though its a little on the far sife off the Meidel Floda loved the style and the Raven was a fact. At first I was gonna do it like the Meidel and have it headless, but we both felt this lookt better.

The sound is just amazing, and you can really hear the sustain by the wood shine throuhn the delano mics. Crafted a 5 piece neck coupled with carbonfiber rods for extra security on this neckthrough design.

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