L aurence Stahl Guitars

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  • The base price of the Electric Bass guitars are set to $5700
  • The base price of the acoustic guitars are set to $6300
  • The base price of the Baritones are set to $6450




There is a $850 non-refundable deposit upon placing your order. If your guitar has major upgrades (such as Brazilian Rosewood) the deposit may increase to reflect our cost, The balance of the order will be due upon completion.


Satisfaction Guarantee:

I guarantee you'll love your Laurence Stahl Guitar. If a clear and easily definable major issue is present with the guitar to warrant your dissatisfaction, and notified within 3 days upon receipt of guitar I will gladly either take the guitar back and re-sell it, and upon it's sale refund you the entirety of your payments, or I will re-build the guitar and do everything possible to correct the issues present in the first guitar. That said, I have never had anyone reject a guitar!


Delivery Dates:

Being a one man solo shop it is hard, if not impossible for me to give exact delivery dates. All dates given are guidelines, not guarantees and the guitar may be completed before or after the due date. It is expected that delays may occur, however I will do everything possible to complete instruments in a timely fashion. If any variation from the due dates are expected I will be in contact with you, and keep you apprised every step of the way. If the guitar is considerably early (more than 3 months) you will not be expected to pay the balance until the due date arrives unless you and I have made arrangements otherwise.

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