Brazilian Rosewood



Dalbergia nigra


When you hear "the most prized tonewood in the world," what comes to mind? If you’re like most luthiers, musicians and collectors, you automatically think of Brazilian rosewood, the universally coveted, exceptionally rare and heavily regulated tonewood. Those fortunate enough to own a guitar made with Brazilian rosewood – and those who have had the opportunity to play one – know this tonewood is something unique and incredible. Brazilian rosewood is hard, stiff, and highly resonant with a chime-like ring that sustains. When cut, it has a delicious floral scent, similar to roses, thus the name.


Allthough the above text is true in all sence. It does not meen Brazilian is the tonewood for your style of playing. If you hit a chord then with brazilian the tone rings for a long time, wish is good for some styles where less notes are played. It might not be prefered playing Bluegrass or heavy strumming. in this case Mahogany or Maply might be prefered. But, there are always exceptions to the rules and yes there are players using brazilian for all mentioned styles.


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