German Spruce

German Spruce


Picea abies


The "ringiest" of all spruce species. Extremely clear and bell like, with the versatility of Sitka. Exceptional sound for light to very firm techniques. Very white in color. Highly regarded Tone wood. German spruce is a common term for spruce coming from Europe. Mainly from the area of the Bavarian Mountains/Bavarian Forrest.


"German or Bavarian Spruce (picea abies), has one of the highest stiffness-to-weight ratios of all the spruces. This stiffness contributes to the generally outstanding high-end response of tops constructed from this wood. The stiffness is also why it seems to take a little more energy to put it into motion - all the new instruments I've played with German Spruce tops seem to be more sensitive to differences ... It's also a very pretty wood - can be almost white in color.

Adirondack Spruce ... is supposedly quite similar to German Spruce as far as its stiffness-to-weight ratio, and ... similar acoustical properties."


Professor Stephen M. Sano, Dept. of Music, Stanford University


I love German Spruce, its like butter to cut with the chisel and the tap tone is amazing, once you tap on the plate the sound seem to never fade away. But, its not for all styles of playing.

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