Honduran mahogany

Honduran Mahogany


Swietenia macrophylla


Swietenia MacrophylliaThreatened, but there are plantations. Pink yellow when sawed, but oxidizes to deep rich red or brown. Distinct yellow sapwood, can be figured. Works easily, takes a beautiful finish. Generally woody-sounding, but certain denser sets can approach rosewood.


Honduran Mahogany is lighter in weight than rosewood, koa, or maple. In spite of its weight, it yields a strong loud sound with a quick response and an emphasis on a warm, round midrange. Adequate supply though old growth is CITES listed.

Mahogany is the - to be on the safe side - kind of wood, sounds good in all areas, fits most peoples playingstyle, perhaps a tad more the strummer than the soloist, a safe choice for the general player.

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