Umbellularia californica


Myrtlewood, is a rare evergreen , an exotic hardwood, that grows in a very limited range along the Pacific Coast, from extreme northern California through southern Oregon. Oregon Myrtle, also known as California Bay Laurel or Pepperwood, ranges in color from blonde-yellow to taupe and makes very nice guitars. No two sets look alike, thus each guitar built is an original! Tonally it is similar to Maple, clear and bright with nice projection, but it is much easier to bend than Maple.


It is an extremely stiff wood with an interlocking grain that is very resistant to splitting. Its density and hardness ranges between Mahogany and Rosewood……its tonal response has much clarity and sustain, often compared to Mahogany and Koa. For those with an open mind, Oregon Myrtle can produce an extraordinary guitar, however the more traditional players have not yet warmed up to its unusual look. Very similar to maple with clear, bright trebles and great projection.


Myrtlewood occurs in beautifully figured and burled patterns, and in a wide range of colors. It is very hard wood with fine interwoven fiber. Tonally, it has superb projection and sustain, and a very full and beautifully balanced crisp, woody sound, which also offers a hint of depth. Myrtlewood is probably the most exotic wood growing in North America. It is often highly figured and beautifully burled, with a wide range of grain patterns and colors.


Myrtlewood has the powerful voice of rosewood coupled with all the clarity, brightness and balance of maple. It ranges from an elegant whitish/straight grained look, to yellow/green with flame. The tonal personality of Myrtlewood is consistent even if the look varies.


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